Hauptstadtfussball Exhibition

Hauptstadtfussball Exhibiton

– Graphic Design / Campaign

The exhibition “Hauptstadtfußball” tells the story of football in Berlin. Created for the 125th anniversary of Hertha BSC, the club history is the base layer of the main content.

Fan chants are picking up the visitors in the foyer. The sound is coming from the first of 11 rooms. Here, the visitor is greeted by the fans of Herta BSC: A big oval picture shows them with lifted scarves. The scarf is the guiding principle for the dense, dynamic hanging in the exhibition. Another motif is the line – in football, it is organizing the field – in the exhibition, it guides the visitor chronologically through the history of Berlin football.

Each of the 11 chapters tells a little story around the football phenomenon. With each room the visitor enters a new scene: The sea boxes bring football to Europe; The stadiums are staged as sacred spaces, with illuminated church windows; After half of the exhibition, the visitor is entering the dressing room, and in the last room, the volume is amped up again, with several screens displaying a multimedial show of the last 20 years with football high-lights is running: the present is reached.
Location: Ephraim Palais, Berlin 
Team Studio TK: Carsten Cielobatzki, Malte Schurau, Claudia Gali, Annette Dooman, Daniel Urria, Tobias Kunz, Jean-Paul Laue

Client: Hertha BSC e.V., Stiftung Stadtmuseum Berlin, Ephraim Palais

Photo credits: Caro Hoene